From high value to budget homes and home rentals, from start up retailers to chain stores, restaurants to sports bars and offices ..Zen X Chugs has aspired to be the best in everything it does and drives for continuous improvement... take a look at what we have stood for...
Director, Galaxy Entertainment Corporation Ltd.
"It was indeed a pleasure working with you. We thank you for the prompt services rendered by you during the deal. We were happy not only with the level of professionalism shown by you but also the speedy action from you to bring the deal to its final execution. This kind of service is highly appreciated by us. Looking forward to working with you again in the near future."

Crayon Design Labs
"… it is not necessarily our practice to work thru real estate agencies, but our work with Zen X Chugs has shown us the value of doing so. It has highlighted the fact that the conventional model of getting the buyer and seller together is out of the window, having been replaced by a comprehensive end-to-end solution where all the client needs, from sourcing of space to all help needed in getting operational has been taken care of. It has been a pleasure to work with Zen X Chugs, which in our opinion, is setting new benchmarks in the real estate service business …."

Managing Director, Spectra Constrctions Private Limited.,
"Vijay passionate about his real estate…has clarity of visionand has an accurate sense of judgement….which will lead Zen X Chugs intoleadership position in the future of real estate broking…..understanding hisclient and delivering has been his forte and every detail has been looked afterin each of his dealings with us. A sheer pleasure to work with..."

Jet Airways
"Vijay first understood my requirements and then very persistently showed me some great sites and I selected the best among the lot. Even after the sales he has been regularly in touch with me and updates me with the progress and I am very pleased with his after sales and customer service. I would definitely recommend him to all my friends who would be looking for any type of real estate opportunity/ investment in Bangalore."

Lions Club of London Central

"My name is Nimmi Suri, NRI living in London. My first contacted with Vijay from ZenX Chugs was via email in June 2007 as I was looking to purchase a property in Bangalore.. On my arrival to Bangalore I met Mr Vijay and was shown several apartments.
With a very sort meeting Vijay was able attain my requirement and needs for the property I required in Bangalore. I have purchased an apartment through Vijay. I feel he is very sincere, honest and trust worthy person. I am able to talk and discuss any issues knowing he will look into any task in hand.

I am extremely happy to have met him and feel I have found a very good friend in him. I would recommend him to anyone buying or renting a property in Bangalore."

Citibank, Hong Kong
"I am writing to express my strong appreciation of the work and support that Vijay has provided to us in our real estate investment activities in Bangalore. Vijay is our top choice as stands for real estate professionals who have helped us, for many reasons. Firstly, Vijay has the ability to screen properties and pre-select high quality investments which he prioritizes for us rather than wasting time. Secondly, he bends over backwards to help us execute in a timely manner, working with the developers and processing documentation etc. in an intensive and focused manner. Thirdly, where Vijay really differentiates himself is in after-sales service, whether in terms of facilitating financing, following up on contruction and other matters. Lastly and critically, Vijay is able to provide good and informed advice in a neutral way. I would say overall that Vijay truly understands and adopts the approach that what matters is long term relationships which is evident in his ethics, his support and his advice."
Sr. Vice President (Marketing and Sales), Puravankara Projects Ltd.
"We have been associated with Vijay for sometime now. He is very professional in his approach. He continues to service the customer even after the deal is closed which is very unlike the approach that most other consultants have. We look forward to this continued association."
Managing Director, Eurofins
"I met Vijay through a family friend as we had just begun to look for houses. Actually we had already paid up an initial advance at one of the premium builders' sites in Bangalore. It was then that we met, and he discussed multiple options with us, each bringing in a facet of better value for money or convenience, or both. It is through this initial interaction that we finally narrowed down on another property which best met our needs. What we as a family have really liked in our interaction with Vijay has been that there is no hardsell, but there is plain-speak. Thus we are confident that when he says something can be done, we are sure he is telling us the truth. In times where people speak a little casually of property values in crores of rupees, it is important that one has faith and confidence in the person one is dealing with. We think we found the same in Vijay. Today, he is more of a friend and we feel free to seek his advice not just for our personal needs, but also for our business/official needs. A soft spoken and pleasant individual, Vijay is more friend than a real estate consultant for us. We wish him good luck."

ASHLEYYKS, Tarot Reader and Numerologist
"All I have to say about Vijay... , is that he is simply amazing , he helped me get my current house on Lavelle Road , it was a steal deal , and everyone who comes home goes crazy about the house and all of them want to get in touch with Vijay and get a house like this. Even the press love the house .... all I can say thanks Vijay , you helped me find a home in this city , I'm sure my next venture will be with you and will be as great as this one. Above everything else I completely trust his judgment , cause not only is he hardworking, he also is very sincere and patient."

  All interaction and transaction data are strictly kept under wraps to protect client interests. Highest business standards are maintained in all deals to ensure that there is strict confidentiality maintained